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When we think of what makes a school a school, we often think of classrooms first. But Detroit's historic schools include other unique spaces too. Follow the links on this page to explore three kinds of historic school spaces that make these buildings stand out.


Detroit's historic school auditoriums range from large and ornate to small and simple. For performing arts, movie showings, speakers, and community  ​gatherings, it's hard to beat a good school auditorium!

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These large multi-purpose spaces are found in nearly every school. With wide open floors, high ceilings, and often attached kitchens, these spaces are designed for maximum flexibility.

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Detroit's historic kindergarten rooms are often the nicest classroom in their school. These large spaces typically include large bay windows, lots of natural light, fireplaces, and special built-in wood furniture. ​

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Many schools contain outdoor "rooms" too. ​Courtyards can be open or closed, green or paved, and designed for pleasure or pure function.

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