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Interested in learning more about how to redevelop a vacant school? The list below includes links to various tools and resources that are available in Detroit.

Development Financing Guide - City of Detroit

A comprehensive list of financial support for development within Detroit.

Developer & Contractor Opportunities - City of Detroit Housing & Revitalization Dept.

List of available funding opportunities, requests for proposals (RFPs), and other information from the City of Detroit HRD.

Tax Incentives Guide - Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC)

A comprehensive overview of the different types of tax abatements and other incentives available in Detroit.

Detroit CDFI Coalition

A group of Detroit-based Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFI) that provide investment, loans, and banking services in order to promote community development, growth, local employment, and strong and healthy neighborhoods.


A helpful chart to help identify the right Detroit-based CDFI for you, based on type of project and type of financing needed.

Development Lending Products - LISC Detroit

An overview of development support offered by LISC Detroit, including for housing, education, health, business, and nonprofit projects.

Detroit Housing for the Future Fund (DHFF)

A fund created by LISC Detroit, the City of Detroit, and MSHDA in order to invest in affordable housing in Detroit.

School Building Adaptive Reuse Provision - Detroit Zoning Ordinance
School Building Adaptive Reuse - List of Permitted Uses

The Detroit Zoning Ordinance allows for 19 special uses in school redevelopment projects. Since most schools are zoned for low-density residential (R1 or R2), this provision was passed to allow a greater variety of neighborhood-friendly uses.

For general inquiries about this project or individual vacant school properties, please contact:

Jennifer Ross

Project Manager & Architecture Historian

City of Detroit - Planning and Development Dept.

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