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About this project

This website is the result of a one-year study of vacant schools in Detroit conducted in 2020. The project was led by the City of Detroit Planning and Development Department (PDD) in collaboration with Interboro Partners, WJE, and BJH Advisors. Members of the project team visited 39 historic vacant schools across Detroit, all owned by the City of Detroit (plus 24 more owned by DPSCD). The team observed the condition of the buildings inside and out, and took photos, measurements, and notes to document each space. The team also studied the characteristics of the surrounding neighborhoods, the local real estate market, and the historical significance of each school. The goal of the project was to explore the possibility of reusing historic vacant school buildings and to imagine new futures for these special places.


For more information about this project, materials available on this website, or inquiries about specific vacant school properties, please contact:

Jennifer Ross

Project Manager & Architecture Historian

City of Detroit - Planning and Development Dept.

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