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12920 Wadsworth

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Oakman Elementary



Pride Area Community


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1_Burt_20710 Pilgrim_Footprint.jpg

Gross Floor Area (square feet)

Floor area is the size of a building measured in square feet. The average school in this study is about 50,000 square feet. 
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Site Area (acres)

Site area is the amount of land inside the school's property lines. This area includes both open area (like school yard and parking lots) and the school building itself.
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Years Built (first - last)

Many of Detroit's schools were expanded over time. The years shown here are when the oldest and newest parts of the school were built. Many schools were expanded or renovated in between too.
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Zoning says how land can be used, how much can be built on a property, and other development rules. Most Detroit schools are in residential zones (R1 or R2). But, if you rehab a historic school, some non-residential uses are allowed.  Learn more


Building Condition Rank

A team of engineers inspected the condition of each school's structure, roof, facade, and interior. Each school is ranked from best condition (#1) to worst (#39). All the school buildings need at least some repair if they will be reused. Learn more


Real Estate Market Rank

Each school was scored based on the strength of its local real estate market for both commercial and multifamily housing. The rank shown here (1st - 39th) reflects the stronger of the two markets.
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Redevelopment Cost (Estimate)

This cost is a rough estimate that includes: cleaning and stabilizing the building, replacing windows and roof, finishing the interior, architect/engineer fees, and buffer for unforeseen costs. The actual cost could be more or less than this.  Learn more


Development Tools

Schools in certain neighborhoods may be eligible for special support to make redevelopment easier. This school may qualify for:
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National Register of Historic Places

Schools listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) can qualify for Historic Tax Credits, a tool that encourages developers to preserve historic buildings. NRHP status is based on historic surveys conducted in 2011 and 2020. Learn more





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Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, Baseline Environmental Assessment, and Due Care Plan are available upon request. Please contact the project manager for more information.
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